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Grocery Chain Programs - How to Give at No Cost

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Tom Thumb, Randall's, Simon David

How To Give At No Cost

A pilot test of The Sunset Foundation Grocery Chain Program has been conducted with three Sunset Classes. In view of the good responses, the Program is now being expanded to as many Sunset classes as feasible. We would like to see all Classes really shine in this endeavor. So, please help to support the Foundation by joining and staying in the Program. It will take only a few minutes of your time and will cost no money whatsoever.

Independent of any monetary gifts which you have made and/or contemplate making in the future, please take these few minutes of your time to help send deserving Sunset graduates to college.

This Program is such a “NO BRAINER” that there is good reason to expect 100% positive response from those of you who are supportive of the Foundation, live in an area where participation is feasible, and are not already participating in a similar Program with another affinity group. In fact, we would love to have those already in a program switch to ours! Some already have done so!

Even those of you who share the above circumstances or other circumstances that preclude YOU participation, but really WANT TO HELP these young Sunset graduates, CAN HELP by asking family and friends who are able to do so to join. 


So, if such is at all feasible, please make a MINIMAL investment of your time to help send Sunset graduates to college and, please … DO IT NOW!! 

TO THOSE WHO ELECT TO JOIN, it would ALSO be great if you will encourage family and friends to JOIN YOU in participating. 

And, TO ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, it will be very helpful if you will let us know the program(s) which you have joined.

Tom Thumb, Randall's, Simon David Grocery Programs

As you will see from the Program material, this is clearly a “number of participants” situation! For example, if only 50 persons in each of 40 classes join and stay in the Program, we conservatively project that approximately $48,000 per year will go to the Foundation Endowment.  

And, we want to convey in advance our THANKS, as well as the THANKS of all supporters and beneficiaries of the Sunset Foundation, to those of you who are willing to help with this Program in any way, whether it is by joining and/or getting family and friends to join one or more of the grocery chain programs. 

Finally, we hope that each of you and your family and friends will SHOP BIG!

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