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Tom Thumb, Randalls, And Simon David
Good Neighbor Program

Step 1 – Print these directions as a reminder. Then, on your next shopping trip to a store in one of these chains, go to the office or contact the manager.

Step 2 – If you already have a Reward Card (the preferred shopping card for Tom Thumb, Randalls, and Simon David), skip to Step 3, below.  If not, sign up to receive the Reward Card at no cost.

Step 3 – Ask to have your Reward Card linked to 9625, the number assigned by these chains to the Foundation.

Step 4 – Use your Reward Card each time you shop and a small percentage of many of your charges will be credited automatically to the Sunset Foundation.  The Foundation will receive a check each quarter for the total of all credits earned in the quarter by all Foundation supporters.

Step 5 – So that the Foundation will be able to keep track of the number of participants, please contact us at, noting your name and Sunset Class and telling us that you are participating in the Reward Card Program.

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