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Kroger shoppers in Texas and Louisiana
Kroger Share Card Program
Step 1 – Print these directions as a reminder. Then, please contact us at, noting your name, address, and Sunset Class and telling us that you want to participate in the Kroger Share Card Program.
Step 2 – We will arrange to have mailed to you, at no cost, a Kroger Share Card that is already linked to the Foundation. The essence of the following directions will be printed on the back of the card.

Step 3 – Each time you shop at Kroger, present the card to the checker BEFORE he/she begins to ring up your order and ask the checker to scan the card.

Once Step 3 is completed, a percentage of your purchase will be credited to the Sunset Foundation. The Foundation will receive a check each quarter for the total of all credits earned in the quarter by all Foundation supporters.

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