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A recap of the very first cycle of scholarship awards provides an indication of the excitement generated among Sunset graduates. At spring decision-making time in 1996, the Board estimated that income generated to date would allow a fall, 1996, scholarship amount of $750.00 to be given to one or more deserving Sunset students. The Board asked five persons to serve on the first Scholarship Committee.

After interviewing three outstanding students recommended as scholarship finalists by the Sunset Administration, Committee members were so impressed that they agreed "on the spot" to provide gifts designated to supplement the amount available so as to allow each of the three students to be awarded a $500.00 scholarship. To a person, Committee members vowed that participation in the award process represented an emotionally significant and rewarding experience.

In addition, those Sunset graduates and former teachers who have served on subsequent annual selection committees have repeatedly expressed great pride and enthusiasm regarding their experiences.

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