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The National High Schools Scholarship Foundation, Inc. ("NHSSF"), a non-profit, perpetual corporation, Charter Number 01326920, was issued a Certificate of Incorporation by the State of Texas on September 19, 1994. The name was changed officially from NHSSF to The Sunset Foundation through confirmation by the Secretary of State of the State of Texas on January 2, 2001. It has an exempt classification as described in section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and is considered "not a private foundation".

In January 2012, the Board of Directors of the Sunset Foundation entered into an agreement with The Dallas Foundation, Inc. (TDF) in order to insure the continued development of the Sunset Foundation, Inc. (SFI) in perpetuity.

The Agreement with TDF calls for them to:

  • invest and manage the funds that are donated to SFI,
  • provide guidance to graduates who are recipients of scholarships
  • distribute funds to the recipients, (upon approval of the SFI Board)
  • monitor compliance of the students in accordance with SFI’s Board guidelines
  • and maintain SFI’s compliance under applicable nonprofit rules and regulations.

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