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Sunset High students and chaperones in Seattle

A consistent pattern continues to manifest itself wherein the scholarship recipients are not only the first of their families to go to college but also, in many cases, the first to graduate from high school. Additionally, many have never been away from home for any period of time. For these and other reasons associated with the students' first experiences in college, the Foundation Board initiated a Mentor Program.

Directed by Nita Lepori Ford, Board member and Class of 1950, it is playing a significant role in the college success of scholarship recipients. As soon as scholarships are awarded, all board members begin to work closely with the recipients, to prepare the students for their first time in college.

From that time, Nita and other Board members stay in close touch with the students throughout their college careers, assisting them in the solution of a myriad of college related issues.

As only one very important example, Christine Puga, a recent scholarship recipient planning to attend Harvard, did not have the money to "get there." Board members helped to find a Harvard graduate who supplied Advantage miles for the trip.

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