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Graduating seniors who wish to apply for college scholarship assistance from the sunset foundation should contact a Sunset counselor to obtain an application form.

Scholarship evaluation criteria are based on Foundation By-Law requirements as given below:

"Scholarship qualification is determined, through interaction between the Foundation representatives and school officials, according to the following factors: intelligence as shown by ability to master school courses and by good common sense; ambition to make use of abilities; high moral principles; determination to work; economic need; and other factors as may be formally stipulated by the Board from time to time."

Counselors are furnished application forms for completion by qualified students. In addition to evaluating those who apply, Counselors are requested to contact other students who qualify and then to narrow the field of candidates to five to seven students that meet the qualifications.

The Board selects a panel of former Sunset students each year to sit as evaluators during a morning of interviews with the students selected by the Counselors. Based on the recommendations of the panel, the Board makes decisions regarding the allocation of scholarships among the applicants.

The number and amount of scholarships is determined by the Board evaluation of funds available from the earnings of the Foundation's Endowment for the year, plus any donations that have been earmarked, at the request of specific donors, to be used in the current year.

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