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The process for selecting scholarship recipients is as follows:

1. The Board estimates in the spring the income which will have been generated and available for the coming fall.

2. The Board selects the Scholarship Committee from graduates and friends of Sunset.

3. The Board provides written criteria for student selection to the Sunset Administration based on By-Law requirements that:

"Scholarship qualification is determined, through interaction between the Foundation representatives and school officials, according to the following factors: intelligence as shown by ability to master school courses and by good common sense; ambition to make use of abilities; high moral principles; determination to work; economic need; and other factors as may be formally stipulated by the Board from time to time."

4. The Sunset Administration, working with faculty and staff members, chooses several deserving students who meet the criteria.

5. The Scholarship Committee meets with the student candidates and subsequently recommends the scholarship awards to be made.

6. The Board works with the Scholarship Committee to finalize the decision, notifies the Sunset Administration of the decision, and presents the scholarship(s) to the appropriate student(s) at the Annual Spring Awards Assembly at Sunset.

7. On official notification that the student(s) has (have) enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education, the Foundation provides the designated amount(s).

8. The Foundation tracks and evaluates regularly the scholastic progress of scholarship recipients, with proof of enrollment and satisfactory progress required for possible scholarship renewals.

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