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Giving Back
After a Sunset High School walkthrough during the 40th reunion of the Class of 1953, about 100 alums gathered in the lunchroom for coffee and visiting. When all were seated, each person was given the opportunity to express his/her feelings. Not a single person declined to do so. Nostalgia and thanks for what Sunset had provided many years earlier permeated each set of comments. This is probably not unlike what many in the Sunset Network have experienced in visits “back home”.
Many, many who attended Sunset will attest, often without invitation, to the quality and dedication of the school administration, teachers and staff of their times. They will testify loudly to the head start in life provided within the nurturing walls of “Sunset High School Glorious,” and to the real influence on their later life of the many manifestations of the school motto, “Spirit, Knowledge, Friendship”. What better way to repay partially for the entire set of positive experiences than to help deserving future graduates go to college!!
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Deserving Students
Back to the walkthrough - - Joe Brooks, who, after his comments, set in motion a series of events which ultimately led to the formation of the Foundation by conditionally pledging $5,000 to endow college scholarships for future Sunset graduates. His condition was that ’53 Class members match his $5,000 offer.
He said something along these lines, “Most of these young folks, by earning diplomas from Sunset will have overcome obstacles the likes of which we probably can’t imagine, much less recall”. Talk about deserving!! What better reason to help them go to college!!
Remember!! All donations are tax deductible.

Sunset High School Students on a trip to New York City


High Quality Students
And, now that the Foundation has some history under its belt, evidence abounds that the faith of early givers was completely justified.
Those Sunset graduates and former teachers who have served on subsequent annual selection committees have repeatedly expressed great pride and enthusiasm regarding their experiences and have spoken explicitly to the overall quality of the scholarship applicants. In fact, the quality and performance of the students generated through the selection process has exceeded the Board’s highest expectations. 
Further, the quality and determination of so many of the scholarship students is shown by the following. Some students who were given very small stipends by the Foundation have begun by working part time and taking a couple of courses and have subsequently been sufficiently resourceful to earn masters degrees. What better justification for helping more Sunset graduates go to college!!
Remember!! All donations are tax deductible.

Low Overhead
Board members, who are all Sunset graduates, have never received any remuneration except the joy that comes with helping others, an ample reward to say the least. In fact, each has made significant financial contributions to the Foundation and has invested extensive time and effort.  Further, there are no paid staff members. Except for routine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping expenses, all activities for fundraising, school interaction, scholarship selection and award, legal support, etc., are handled on a volunteer basis by Sunset graduates and friends. This use of volunteers and the diligent practice of holding related expenses to a bare minimum have resulted in a low ratio of cumulative expenses to cumulative contributions. What better opportunity to have your gifts go directly to sending future Sunset graduates to college.
Remember!! All donations are tax deductible.

Spirit - Knowlege - Friendship
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